About Us

Capaciti Networks is a facilities-based mobile and fixed wireless solutions provider of reliable and secure telecommunications network services based out of San Antonio, Texas. With a national coverage footprint of more than 1,100 fixed and mobile service providers, we’ve helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses improve the speed of their internet by utilizing the latest in millimeter wave technology. Also known as the fifth generation of internet or 5G, millimeter wave technology offers significantly faster connectivity speeds and lower latency due to the radio wave spectrum and frequency it operates in. Through the use of our innovative WyQuote locator system, Direct Agents have the ability to compare alternative internet solutions such as cable internet and fiber optics broadband to ensure you’re getting the best deal at the best price. Contact our telecommunication experts today to learn more about our speedy internet solutions!

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At Capaciti Networks, our telecom experts understand how critical your business’ internet connection is. From small businesses to enterprises, the type of internet connection you choose for your company can have a tremendous impact on employee productivity and customer satisfaction. As the demand to keep up with new technology increases, many business owners are making the switch to a 5G network. As the most secure and reliable mobile wireless internet connection available, 5G networks provide a variety of benefits including:

  • High speed internet connectivity
  • Low latency, so you never have to worry about slow loading times
  • A larger bandwidth with more storage space
  • Less energy consumption

If your business’ internet connection is constantly cutting in and out and causing disruptions to your operation, it could be time to switch internet service providers. If you’re interested in learning more about our high speed business internet solutions, contact Capaciti Networks today!

Improve Your Business Internet Connection

If your business currently utilizes a cable internet connection through a third-party telecommunications provider, Capaciti Networks can help boost your internet speed without having to break your contract. Our IB+ Program was specifically designed to help improve your existing cable internet connection without having to experience frequent cable outages and interruptions. We also integrate an automatic internet failover system into your current cable internet connection so you never have to worry about your internet going out on the job.

If you’re interested in learning more about Capaciti Networks fixed and mobile wireless solutions, contact our telecommunication experts today!