IB Plus

If you currently utilize a cable internet connection for your business, you may run into speed and bandwidth limitations that could disrupt the flow of your operation. At Capaciti Networks, we understand how challenging it can be to find a speedy internet provider at an affordable cost, which is why we’ve created our IB+ (Internet Booster) program for businesses that already use a cable internet connection. Whether you’re currently locked into an expensive cable internet contract or your business internet speeds are extremely slow, there are many reasons why it may be necessary to switch to a better internet provider, including:

  • Your VoIP calls are choppy and robotic sounding or you drop calls constantly
  • Your office has too many users for the download and upload speeds you need
  • Your business applications run slow due to poor internet speeds
  • Your internet connection does not let you plan or prioritize your voice and data traffic
  • Your employees experience downtime due to internet connectivity issues
  • Your internet service cuts out or drops in the middle of business calls


dreamstime_xxl_11311247Add A Boost To Your Current Cable Internet Connection

When compared to other internet solutions such as 4G and 5G networks, cable modems are not as great at handling a large number of users. If you have several people in your office that are all connected to the same cable modem, you could begin to experience slow internet speeds, especially if your employees stream high-quality videos or download large files.

Our IB+ Program can be easily integrated into your current cable connection to boost speeds and reduce latency. When you work with Capaciti Networks, you won’t have to go through the strenuous process of changing internet providers to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet. When you work with our team of telecommunication experts to improve your current cable connection, you’ll receive a variety of benefits.

A Lower Latency Network

Latency is a term that refers to how long it takes for data to travel between its source and the final destination. When you try to download a document, image, or video from your email or work application, latency is the amount of time it takes for you to download and access the item on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. When it comes to a cable internet connection, you can expect data transfer speeds to slow down during peak hours of internet use. As neighboring businesses and residents compete for the same bandwidth as your business, you constantly run the risk of losing connectivity at any moment.

When you invest in this cost effective add-on, you’ll be able to enjoy fiber-like internet speeds in no time at all! We also offer automatic internet failover with our IB+ Program so you never have to worry about connectivity interruptions and dropped calls again. If you’re interested in learning more about our business internet solutions, contact us today!


Features Cable IB+
Low Cost
High Download
High Upload up to 20 Mbps up to 98 Mbps
Latency Mid to High 35 milliseconds+ Low 9-15 milliseconds
Monitored Service
Failover/Redundancy the failover and failback feature is built into the service
Quality of Service: plan/prioritize your voice and data needs