Capaciti understands that the telecom needs of businesses vary by industry. The importance of speed may be central to one sector of business, while security and reliability are top priorities to another. To accommodate these different concerns, we work with each company to address their specific needs and requirements. Through extensive in wireless technologies, we have developed keen insights into the challenges faced and objectives sought for a variety of markets.

Fixed Wireless Coverage

4G Wireless Backup Coverage


Market-Specific Expertise

The Capaciti approach is entirely customized. Because of our commitment to working with each unique customer, Capaciti has been improving the wireless connection “alternative” for businesses in a range of industries. Our unique wireless broadband solution is the perfect answer to data overload and disaster recovery for companies of all sizes. Today we serve the following markets:

  • Carrier Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Government

However, due to the latest in gigabit wireless technology, our reach is not limited. Capaciti looks forward to introducing new solutions utilizing our high-speed wireless capabilities that improve efficiency and reliability while improving the bottom line.

Valuable Services

Regardless of industry, Capaciti’s customers receive the same consistent quality of service. Our unique Diamond Ring technology comes with many benefits.

  • Quick installation/upgrade
  • Expanded data capacity
  • High upload speeds that support cloud services and VoIP
  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Online account management through Master Stream

Whatever your business needs, Capaciti offers a quick and easy mode to receive details online. Obtain your online quote today for this cost-effective, reliable and secure form of fixed wireless business solutions.