Carriers & Service Providers

The influx of users in the telecom space has lead to new challenges for carriers and service providers. Data demand among consumers is rapidly increasing as people opt for using their phones for streaming and downloading content more than they use them for voice. Before even arriving at the office, the average person uses a smartphone to check traffic, scroll through the top news, and review the day’s emails and meetings. All these actions require data which has overwhelmed carrier networks resulting in dropped calls, slower speeds, and frustrated customers.

The upward trend for data demand isn’t going away. As a result, carriers are looking for ways to offload consumer usage while still meeting the demands of a growing population.

A Unique Solution

Keenly aware of the major obstacles facing Service and Carrier Providers, Capaciti has developed a solution specifically for this challenge with the utilization of millimeter wave technology. Millimeter wave produces “fiber-like” speeds delivering more than 2 gigabits of transfer throughout its proprietary “Diamond Ring” design. Through this proprietary design, Capaciti is able to more effectively manage data demand from a network infrastructure that is quick to build and reliable during disaster. By succeeding in key areas—among which include reliability, security, stability and speed—Capaciti can ensure carriers and service providers that they can meet the broadband needs of their customers during accelerated data demands from enhanced consumer growth.

Capaciti in Action

After analyzing the wireless landscape, an Access Point is selected and installed. With millimeter wave technology as its backhaul, connected Access Points are supported by Capaciti’s diamond ring network. This carrier grade point-to-point network provides a host of commercial broadband services able to support the needs of high growth Internet service providers and the growing capacity concerns of mobile service operators (carriers).

A unique component offered of Capaciti’s fixed wireless technology is its extended outdoor gigabit “micro-site” network utilizing utility pole assets for expanded data capacity. While most small cell solutions consist primarily of indoor sites, Capaciti has overcome macro cell limitations with its multi-frequency patent pending technology called the LPN-16. This unique quasi small cell solution is capable of hosting up to sixteen (16) different frequencies in multiple spectrum offerings.

The Next Step

Capaciti is excited to partner with Internet service providers and carrier operators. Our proprietary technology delivers increased speed and offers a solution to data requirements that result from rising consumer demand. By offering a real solution and true “4G” speeds, Capaciti is ready to solve data and capacity issues.